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Potten End Bowls Club

Hempstead Lane
Potten End

Herts HP4 2QJ

Want to become a member?

Call Linda on:

01442 250467

or email:




Little Hay Golf Club

12th November 2021

Further details to follow


Open Days:


Sunday 2 May

10am to 4pm

Saturday 29 May

10am to 12noon

Sunday 30 May

10am to 12noon

Monday 31 May

10am to 4pm



Updated COVID-19 Guidance


17th of May


The daily green book is now in operation, so any games you are playing need to be  entered into the book and not through Lesley. If you are having a roll up you need to sign in .... this is a COVID requirement.






17 April to 16 May 2021

in accordance with Bowls England guidance issued 9 April 2021




Hand sanitisers will be provided at the Clubhouse entrance and the equipment shed.


Signs for handwashing and social distancing will be placed in appropriate locations.


Hospitality is only permitted outdoors.


Kitchen – there should be no more than 2 people in the kitchen at any time.


Bar – Only 1 person behind the bar at any one time and another person delivering orders.


Clubhouse –tables and chairs are to be positioned to give unhindered access to toilets, kitchen and bar.


Clubhouse remains closed. 


Changing rooms may be used provided external and internal doors are open


Toilets will be open but one men’s urinal to be taken out of use (one nearest sink). 


 Face masks are to be worn indoors (including the conservatory) at all times.


No spectators are allowed during this period.


CASUAL PLAY – Roll-ups


Maximum of 6 people or two households on a rink, with a maximum of 3 rinks in any one session.


Bowlers must arrive no more than 15 minutes before their allotted session and must leave no more than 15 minutes after the end of the session.  Socialising outside these limits is not permitted.


Wherever possible do not share mats and jacks.






A maximum of 24 players permitted on the green for singles, pairs, triples and fours.


Rinks are to be regarded as a “bubble” and must not mix with other “bubbles”.  This implies that the normal introduction of matches cannot be used.  The captains will decide how this can be done whilst maintaining social distancing.


All equipment will be available but players should ensure proper sanitation before and after the game.


No car sharing is permitted for away matches.


Tea and biscuits will be served outdoors, as also will drinks from the bar.





We are very privileged to have three coaches at Potten End.  If you feel you would like any extra coaching please do contact either Linda Burfot, Keith Gissing or Bob Simpson.  I am sure they will be delighted to help you.




The green has been worked on all over the winter break. 

Huge thanks to all in the 'green team' who work so hard.




Up and coming SOCIAL events:


To be updated as things continue to return to normal!



There’s lots of fun to be had with Potten End Bowls Club!

Lawn Bowls is more popular than ever before! We provide a beautifully kept outdoor green in the heart of Potten End Village where people can come along to play.

Our wonderful green gives young and old alike the chance to enjoy the sort of team experience that only bowls can provide. Mens, Ladies and Mixed teams regularly play against each other in club matches. There are also many opportunities to play other clubs, or just pop up for a friendly roll up in the evenings.


Our fixture list contains the dates for the next home and away matches, do check it throughout the season for results.

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